Fit in Your Exercise Every Chance You Get Even In The Office

health matters

Health has been a highlight in the last couple of years. However, staying healthy is not just about avoiding sickness. Everyone needs to be actively striving to improve their health each day. This is not just about what you eat. It is about how you move. Exercise is a needed part of maintaining our overall health. This can be very difficult when we are spending most of our days working.


One obvious way to get your exercise in is during your commute. Can you ride or walk to work? Will the weather allow you not to be gross? These are two questions you need to answer. Anything that takes too much effort may leave you too sweaty to sit in an office all day. With electric bikes, you won’t have to peddle too hard to get to your destinations. Try not to park so close to give yourself a chance to stretch your legs before getting into your chair.

Fitness Break

Talk to your employer about implementing a fitness break. If those that smoke get an extra break, why not healthy individuals getting a break. Many businesses want their employees to stay healthy. Less sickness means fewer days off and better work production for the company. If that is not an option, take advantage of any other breaks you receive. Get in a quick ab workout or fast-paced walk to wake your muscle up. Not only will you get keeping your body in shape, but it will help you focus better. We all need to step away and return with a clear head.

Office Hop

It can be so tempting to write an email to your co-workers or give them a call. The other option would be to take a walk to their office. Take every chance to get up and move. Instead of sitting in the office, walk around while you are problem-solving. Many tasks can be done from a standing position. Make it a habit to get up as much as possible when you are working.

Don’t Go Home

After work, our first thought is to get home and change into something comfortable and relax. Before you leave for work in the morning, pack a gym bag. Don’t go home after work head to the gym first. This may be the last thing that you feel like doing, but you will feel great after you finish your workout. It will also be a time to decompress after a long day so that you can go home to your family more relaxed.


If you travel for your job, don’t forget to pack the gym clothes. Most hotels have a gym that you can take advantage of. Once it is a habit to work out each day, you will crave it. A trip without it could make it more challenging when you get back home. So don’t get out of your routine while traveling.

Improve your overall health with exercise every chance you get.