working out while working

Your workday can be very taxing and by the time you head home, the urge to work out and take care of yourself can completely fade. You feel unmotivated and burnt out. An easier way to get your sweat on while still accomplishing what you need to at work is to combine the two. By being creative with you multi-tasking you can end up with a powerhouse combination that is the ultimate fusion of completing your to-do list and taking care of your physical and mental health. Here are just a few ways that you can make working out work for you at work.

Cruising Through Your Conference Calls

No one likes conference calls and very often they can be a boring waste of your time and energy. If you find yourself on these calls, especially if they happen often, utilize this time to your advantage. Have a light set of weights in your office or some resistance bands and use this time to do a few light workout sets. Minutes here and minutes there will add up overtime and you’ll have a whole workout completed by the time your conference call has ended. Just make sure you don’t get winded.  You don’t want to sound distracted if you have to contribute to the conversation.

Make Your Desk Work for You

Standing desks and treadmill desks are all the rage right now. These are easy solutions to get moving throughout the workday. Switching up your desk positions will be great for your posture and spine. Having a treadmill desk will help you get in your miles in no time. It’s not only great for your muscles and well-being, but the added physical activity will help you keep focused and be more productive as well.  Bonus, you can skip the gym on the way home because you’ve already gotten your steps in.

Five Minute Breaks

Every hour you can make the commitment to do a quick little five-minute workout session. You can sneak in a few reps with weights or just get your body moving for a couple of minutes. This is an easy, sneaky way to get active that will add up throughout your workday.  Instead of searching on Facebook for your neighbor’s dog pictures do a quick physical routine and over the course of the day you’ll have squeezed in a total workout without much effort.

Inter-office Emails

You’re already stuck at your desk for most of the day, so any excuse to get up and move around will be vital to your health. If there is an email that could be delivered in person, get up and go say hi to your coworker. These little steps will make big changes over time. Bonus, you won’t have to wait for them to respond to your email, you’ll get a real time response right away and not be left wondering when they will get back to you.

There are many ways to include small exercise moves in your workday that can lead to big lifestyle changes. Try using a few of these or come up with a few of your own and get sweating.