What Type Of Retirement Is Right For You

retirement plan

Retirement is not a one size fits all situation. Just like everything else in life, there are many options to choose from. You can make a world of difference in your life by knowing what choices. There may be something out there that you have yet to hear of that would be perfect for your situation. And as your life evolves, your retirement plan can also. Get educated now so you can create the retirement of your dreams.

Traditional Retirement

Traditional Retirement is the one that everyone is aware of. In this scenario, you work until you can not or will not work anymore and walk away. Once you retire, you are not planning on making any other income. To do this type successfully, you need to be prepared throughout your entire career. Saving often is the goal of this plan. It would be best if you had enough to keep the standard of living you want in the future. A financial planner can help you save correctly if this seems like a daunting task. Stockpiling for the future is the main idea of traditional retirement.


In semi-retirement, you leave your structured career and downgrade to something simpler. While you will have some of the freedom of retirement, you still plan on bringing in a little income. This is a plan for those that do not like the idea of having nothing on the schedule. Or those that need to supplement the money that they saved for retirement. Typically, those in a semi-retirement will bring in around twenty thousand at a part time job. This helps those not to have to dip into their retirement money as much as they would need. If this is your plan, the amount you put away does not have to be as much as those looking for traditional retirement.

Temporary Retirement

Just like people decide to take a mini-vacation, you can take a mini-retirement. Think of it as a break between careers. A temporary retirement takes a lot of financial planning to be done successfully. You will have an idea of the length of your brief retirement to work enough to accumulate the amount you need. Each career will need to be thought out to not run out of retirement money before you start your next job. You will want to be putting more into retirement than those looking for a typical retirement. With early withdrawals and the time for retirement to grow and compound, you need to plan ahead.


No matter what type of retirement you choose, you need to think about what kind of insurance you will be using. Especially when you take a semi or temporary retirement. When you switch up your lifestyle, you should talk to a financial planner. They will guide you in making any retirement an easy transition.

Start planning now for the perfect retirement. There are so many options to discover.