No one wants to work out on their vacation, it’s probably the last thing anyone wants to do. The truth is, squeezing in a little movement here and there will energize you and keep you going, making the most of your time away from home.  The trick is to find sneaky little ways to incorporate a workout or two so even your exercise feels like vacation.  Follow along and try some of these out on your next trip.

Local Activities

Search out local activities for exercise, you’ll be sightseeing and exercising at the same time.  Find a hike up a popular mountain, outdoor yoga by the beach, or tours of the city by bike.  You’ll be mixing the best of both worlds by seeing your destination, but also knocking out a great secret sweat sesh.

Travel on Foot

Choose to sightsee on foot – walk around the downtown areas and you’ll be surprised how many miles will fly by throughout the day.  Leave the taxi services and Ubers to someone else – you know no limits with your own two feet.  You can even commit to one day entirely on foot, so everywhere you go will be working out.  It’s also a great way to see what’s located around your hotel or place you are staying.  This one doesn’t even feel like working out, but you will definitely log miles.

One and Done

If you like working out in the morning, get up, get it done and get ready for the rest of the day to do whatever you please.  You can download a few routines on your iPad or other devices and take care of business right in your hotel room.  Or if you like running, check out the local boardwalk or running path that will be an adventure all on its own.  Plan on getting it done first thing, so you can do as much as you want (or as little) the remainder of the day. 

Get Creative

You can pack a few resistance bands or weights that you fill up with water at your destination – don’t waste your precious luggage weight on heavy things.  You can even get creative in your hotel room and find things to use as weights.  A couple of water bottles from the gift shop will be the perfect amount for quick sets of arm workouts.  Just using your own body weight is ideal for many types of workouts.  Sneaking in a few hotel workouts here and there will add up and you’ll feel ready to take on the buffet.

Working out can be as fun as your vacation if you think outside the box.  There are plenty of ways to trick yourself into having fun and shake up your routine at the same time.  The important thing is to get moving, so you feel ready to see the sights, or relax by the pool without any guilt.