Homeschooling is on the rise. What was once thought of as a less appealing form of education is now considered one of the better options for learning. Here are some of the benefits of homeschooling.


When you homeschool, you aren’t required to adhere to a rigid schedule. While it’s important to show consistency in your homeschooling schedule, you have a lot more flexibility than traditional school offers. Imagine being able to take an impromptu vacation without having to worry about make up work and excused absences. Imagine being able to take your child’s curriculum on your trip. You would be able to enjoy a trip without having to worry about your child falling behind on their learning. The flexibility homeschooling provides is a huge bonus.

Increased Family Time

When you send your child to school, they’re spending more of their time away from you in a day than they do with you. Essentially, it means they are being heavily influenced by friends and teachers that you don’t really know. It’s weird to think about your child’s school as a co-parent of sorts but that’s the reality of the situation. When they’re spending 8+ hours a day at school from the time they’re 5 until they’re 18, it’s a fair assessment. Homeschooling means you can spend more time with your children and more time as a family. It means you get to help shape them even more as they grow. Sounds amazing, right?

Efficiency in Learning

If you know someone who homeschools, you likely know that they typically finish their daily schooling in half the time of traditional school. Most can complete their daily work in roughly 4 hours. When you’re not responsible for 20+ kids at a time, you’re able to get through the material quickly and efficiently. The teacher/student ratio is much better.

Well Rounded Education

Homeschooling offers your child a chance to have a well- rounded education. Many public schools have to cut important activities and curriculum because they don’t have the time or funding. When you’re helping your child learn more efficiently, you can incorporate some of that lost material back into their studies. For example, you can put a greater emphasis on the arts, doing more science experiments and increasing outdoor play.

Tailored Approach

Homeschooling your child means they get a personalized education plan specifically for them. You have the ability to work school around your child’s mental, emotional, behavioral and physical health. It’s a low stress approach to learning that will also help prevent burn out. Another advantage is you can spend additional time on a subject if your child shows interest in it. There’s no need to rush through units when homeschooling.

Learning is not one size fits all. There’s a reason homeschooling is increasing in popularity. Improved curriculum, flexibility and low stress learning have made this a preferred option for a large number of people. Knowing there are options when it comes to school makes all the difference.