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Until we win the lottery, we all need to be watching where are money is going. The longer we can make our paychecks last, the better. Doing this is harder than it can appear. It is easy to swipe or type in our card information and forget about it until we notice how low our account is. Cards have made it easier to spend money with little to no guilt. We don’t have to see the money leaving, so we need to be more diligent about stretching our capital further.

Grocery Bill

One of our largest expenses is at the grocery store. If you do not go to the same store each time, pick one and get a loyalty card. Start receiving the perks of gas points and better food prices and extra coupons. You don’t have to turn into an obsessive couponer but take advantage of what they send to you. With everything online, you don’t have to keep any physical coupons. You can load them to your loyalty card through the store’s app. Cut your grocery bill with ease. 


It may not work every time, but you will never pay less if you don’t ask. Negotiating is a part of every society. Try and lower any bills that you can. Internet and cable companies always have deals. We must call and ask about them. The same goes for phone companies. They want to keep our business. The same idea can work to increase your pay. Has it been a long time since you were given a raise? Be ready with reasons and examples of why to deserve it, but if you never ask, you may never get a raise. Don’t wait around for people to give you a better price, go out and make it happen.

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Shop Around

Shopping around is fun for some and too time-consuming for others. Not shopping around could cost you. Saving a few dollars may not seem like a big deal, but it can add up if you keep at it. Why spend too much in a rush to purchase. Another perk of not impulse buying is you may realize you do not need it. Saving you the ultimate amount or helping to find a cheaper alternative. Either way, take your time when making purchases large and small. You work hard for your money, don’t waste it.


You can save a lot of money just by changing the way you clean your clothes. The first change should be to wash your clothes in cold water. It takes a lot of energy to heat the water in our washing machines. The second change is the hang dry as many of your clothes as possible. Most shirts and dresses should hang dry. They last longer without the heat from the dryer. To double your savings when it is time to upgrade, purchase energy efficient machines.

Start making your money last longer now!