5 Things You Should Do When Planning for Retirement

retirement plan

One of the biggest fears retirees have is that they will eventually become a burden to their family. Put your worries to bed by doing these 5 things to prepare for retirement.

Long Term Care Insurance

It’s impossible to imagine the health concerns that may or may not pop up as you age. While you can’t predict the future, you can prepare for it. Long term health insurance is something every retiree should look into. It ensures you will be taken care of in the event you are no longer able to care for yourself. The cost of long term care can be high. Look into the application process as early as you can.

Converse with Loved Ones

You should discuss your plans for retirement and care long before the time actually comes. It’s important for you and your loved ones to be on the same page. An article written by Maurie Backman for fool.com elaborates further by saying, “You need a plan for how you’ll receive care should you require it to function as you get older. To this end, it helps to have honest conversations with loved ones in advance. Even if you have family members who live close by, you can’t assume that they’ll be willing to step up and offer the type of in-home support you might eventually need. Setting proper expectations can help you and your loved ones handle that transition once it comes to be.”

Save As Much As Possible

This planning tip is a no brainer, but it’s important enough to earn a spot on the list. Saving can happen in a number of different ways. You can take advantage of your 401k plan with your employer, put money into a Roth IRA, and pursue other investments in order to accumulate as much wealth as possible. Investing is so important because it will essentially become your supplemental income when you are no longer working. It’s a great security blanket. No one wants to fear running out of money during retirement. In the event unexpected expenses pop up, these savings and investments will be your lifeline.
401k pension

Create a New Schedule

You are going to have a lot more free time than you’re used to. This can lead to depression among retirees. A lack of purpose or goal can send you down a dark road mentally. Make yourself a new schedule and include all the things you’re going to incorporate into your retirement. Hobbies, workout classes, vacations, and family time are just a few things you can include.


Budgeting is never more important than when you are on a fixed income. Set a budget for yourself similar to what you would live off of during retirement. Practice living within that amount and tighten up your budget where it’s needed.

Retirement is something to celebrate. Making adequate preparations will ensure that you can enjoy it. Working hard now means a fun and stress free retirement.